What is a Women's Fund?

Women's Funds or Feminist Funds are special foundations dedicated to supporting activism for women's and gender rights. They are created with a clear vision: to unite, strengthen, and connect organizations and movements in each country committed to promoting these rights. Today, over 40 feminist funds worldwide operate in networks and partnerships with private philanthropy and public institutions, achieving significant results in the fight for equality.

The Funds prioritize the needs of groups most marginalized in advancing gender equality issues and facing multiple axes of discrimination (class, race, gender identity, and disability), thus adopting an 'intersectional' approach. They employ operational methodologies that ensure beneficiary organizations receive integrated support: in addition to financial support for activities, they offer organizational development assistance and training in strategy, project planning, communication, and fundraising.

Feminist funds in the world

Funds with a regional or global scope

Doria Feminist Fund USA

Astraea – Lesbian Foundation for Justice USA

Filia Die Frauenstiftung Germany

Frida – The Young Feminist FUND Canada

Global Fund for Women USA

Ayni – The Indigenous Women’s FUND Peru

Mama CASH The Netherlands

Mediterranean Women’s FUND France

Equality Fund Canada

Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights USA

Women First International The Netherlands

Women Win The Netherlands

Numun Fund Global

Latin America

Apthapi-Jopueti Bolivian Women’s Fund Bolivia

Las Fundo De Investimento Social Brazil

Fondo Alquimia Chile

Fondo Centroamericano De Mujeres- Fcam Nicaragua

Fondo De Mujeres Del Sur Argentina

Fondo Lunaria Mujer Colombia

Urgent Action Fund Latin America & the Caribbean

Fondo SEMILLAS Mexico


ROSA, The UK fund for women and girls

Bulgarian Fund for Women Bulgaria

Calala Fondo De Mujeres Spain

Femfund Poland

Ecumenical Women’s Initiative Croatia

Filia Die Frauenstiftung Germany

Reconstruction Women’s Fund Serbia

Taso Foundation Georgia

Ukrainian Women’s Fund Ukraine

Women’s Fund Armenia Armenia

Women’s Fund in Georgia

Slovak-Czech Women’s Fund Czech Republic


Fiji Women’s Fund Fiji

Her Fund Hong Kong

Korean Foundation for Women South Korea

Mones – Mongolian Women’s Fund Mongolia

South Asia Women’s Foundation India (Sawf-in) India

Tewa Nepal

Urgent Action Fund Asia and Pacific Philippines, Australia

Women’s Fund Asia Sri Lanka


African Women’s Development Fund Ghana

Fonds Pour Les Femmes Congolais Dr Congo

Urgent Action Fund Africa Kenya

Women Fund Tanzania Tanzania

Xoese, the Francophone Women’s Fund Togo

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