Semia - Fondo delle Donne is the first Italian Feminist Fund to support organisations, groups, collectives, and activists committed to making Italy a more inclusive, fair, and safe country for girls, women, transgender and non-binary people.

Semia has the vision of a peaceful future in which every person can enjoy full rights, participation, and representation and can live and love with dignity and freedom, in harmony and respect for the Planet.

Semia – Fondo delle Donne Ente Filantropico è il primo fondo femminista italiano.

The Italian Feminist movement

Data, challenges and sustainability

Semia launched a pioneering fact-finding investigation into the contemporary feminist movement. The first preview of the report "The Italian feminist movement: cognitive analysis, challenges and sustainability", represents an unprecedented photograph of Italian organizations in support of gender equality. It was presented on 14 December 2023 at the International Women's House in RomeThe Italian Feminist movement: data, challenges and sustainability"”, l’inedita fotografia delle organizzazioni italiane in sostegno della parità di genere, è stata presentata il 14 dicembre 2023 alla Casa internazionale delle Donne in via della Lungara, 19 a Roma

Why an Italian Feminist Fund

There is a large gender equality gap between Italy and the rest of Europe, and our indicators are worsening. Strong cultural stereotypes characterise our country, where the female employment rate is the lowest in Europe. In addition to this, Italy faces a growing, worrying wave of male violence against women, fierce discrimination against LGBTQI+ people, and a constant struggle for the full recognition of the reproductive rights of Italian women and girls. 

Semia News

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